Top 3 Car Maintenance Services That Can Beat Car Sickness

Are you always feeling dizzy when you’re sitting in your car? Whether you are traveling short distances or going out of town on long trips, the feeling of car sickness can be quite annoying, taking out all the fun that comes with going out with family and friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to travel around town seated in your car leisurely reading a Harry Potter book and just enjoying the scenery that nature has to offer?

Although you may ask your doctor on how you can deal with car sickness or overcome it as soon as possible, here are some tips on what to put in your car to help beat car sickness. These tips will help you conquer your car sickness by doing something with the car at very minimal to or at no expense at all.

Tip 1: Minimize the sharp movements while driving the car. Excess movements will only aggravate motion sickness, making you feel more sick that you already are. If you are the driver, you must avoid unnecessary sharp turns or sudden steps on the brake because they simply spell nausea. If you could try not to pass through bumpy roads, that could help control your car sickness too. If you are the passenger, tell the driver to keep these in mind.

Tip 2: Keep your eyes fixed to see what’s ahead. Did you know that keeping your eyes fixed on what’s ahead helps a lot of drivers like yourself from suffering from motion sickness? When you are able to fixate your eye at a certain point, your brain allows your eyes to gain movement without moving the entire body with the car. doing so will also encourage the inner ears and the eyes to work in unison to avoid any form of motion sickness from setting in.

Tip 3: Choosing the right seat in the car will help you deal with motion sickness. If you can’t be the driver, then it is best to take the passenger seat. The front seat helps reduce the body’s sensitivity to motion because it comes with more stability than the other seats in the car. More importantly, sitting in front brings the inclination to where you can follow tip number two as a reference.

Car sickness can really be a bummer, but with these tips, you can surely make every ride memorable and definitely enjoyable.

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