Top 3 Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks

How do you keep your car looking clean and brand new after spending a week with it on the road? Having the right knowledge on how to clean the different car parts will help you in keeping your car as clean as it should be.

More importantly, using the right car cleaning products will ensure that all the parts of the car are clean, without being damaged. All the cleaning products should not leave any residues on the car that could cause it to discolor or worse, get broken.

Here are the top 3 cleaning tips and tricks that you must remember at all times:

  • Choose the right cleaning products.

How do you know if you are using the right cleaning products for your car? Although some friends might tell you that using the regular dish washing liquid to clean your car is enough, you have to look into whether it is something that really fits your car's needs. KevianClean has a wide range of products, especially made to help you clean various car parts – whether they are made of metal or plastic.

  • Know when to clean your car.

How often do you clean your car or have it cleaned? It is important to know when you need to have your car cleaned up. A regular cleaning schedule could help keep your car looking brand new even after years of usage.

Some car enthusiasts say that cleaning your car at least once a week would be good. However, if you have asthma or are easily affected by allergens, it is best to clean the car at least once every two to three days. This is to prevent the growth and spread of allergens in the car interior.

  • Remember to clean your car.

Your car plays a huge role in making your trips and travels comfortable and safe. Make sure to remember to have the car checked by the mechanic and cleaned by an expert on a regular basis. Keep in mind the car products that you use as well.

Remember that choosing the right cleaning products for your car can make or break it. At KevianClean, our product range is especially made for your car. Make sure to choose the one that fits your car cleaning needs and your budget as well.

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