Tired of Cleaning the Car Carpet? Buy a New One Instead

You can use laundry detergent or your KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo in order to clean your carpet. But is it really worth the effort?

It is a huge hassle to have to deal with a heavily soaked carpet. It seemingly takes forever to get it dry. What's more, it creates a horrendous odor when wet. Sometimes the odor stays even after it has dried.

It's enough to make you want to simply buy a new carpet, doesn't it? You should definitely go shopping for a car carpet when your existing one is damaged, holey, sticky, or full of moss and algae.

Different Types of Carpets for Your Car to Choose From

  • Loop Pile Carpet: This traditional 20th Century auto carpet style was available until the Seventies. It's composed of loops that are woven into a whole carpet. They're also known for how durable they are. It fell out of favor partly because they're not the plushest or most comfortable of carpets on your feet. They're perfect for many pre-1970 vintage cars though.
  • Cut Pile Carpet: In contrast to the loop pile carpet, the cut pile carpet is typically made of nylon material and has improved upon the original loop pile design by cutting the loops off. It's woven like a loop pile but because they're cut off, this results in a softer yet denser carpet surface that makes it easier for your foot to step on it. It's soft to ensure comfort yet dense to also guarantee a measure of toughness, texture, and dependability.
  • Blended Pile Carpet: A blended pile carpet has also evolved from the loop pile carpet, but its alteration roots from how it's manufactured. This vehicular carpet type is a blend of rayon and nylon. However, the resulting pile carpet retains the look of its parent loop pile carpet. It's not cut but it also has a luxurious and nicer feel to it compared to the courser loop pile version without the need of cutting the loops.
  • Plush Carpet/Essex Carpet: If you want to buy the most luxurious carpet type possible, then you should avail of the plush carpet, also known as the Essex carpet. It's characterized by being an even softer variant of the cut pile style, which in turn is a variant of the classic loop pile carpet. It's the softest, most touchable, and most luxurious carpet that's as soft as many plush toys.
  • Molded Carpet: If you have a moldy carpet, then maybe it's about time you bought a brand-new molded one. You can find this carpet anywhere and they're characterized how they're molded or fit unto the specific make and model of your car. You can have this carpet cut within the front or rear of your vehicle or you can buy precut molded carpets for the same vehicular make and model.

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