The Basics of Leather Upholstery Cleaning

When cleaning your interior car upholstery, you can use different products to match the material. You can for example use KevianClean Leather Cleaner on your leather seat and leather door panel.

Or you can go for something more multipurpose like KevianClean Interior Defense like in the case of cleaning the vinyl dashboard/upholstery and the vinyl door panels. It's different cleaning your car upholstery compared to your home upholstery mainly because of the limited space you have to work with.

Either you're forced to deal with the cramped spaces and do the best you can or you might have to learn how to remove the seats so that you can work with more spaciousness when push comes to shove.

Restoration and Maintenance Explained

  • The Virtues of The Leather Conditioner: A conditioner is dependable when it comes to restoring your seat leather to a more vibrant state that revitalizes its looks as though you bought the vehicle brand new. With the assistance of a leather conditioner product, you should be able to keep new leather from weathering down or rejuvenate old leather that's dried out but not quite severely damaged yet.
  • Revamping Leather the Right Way: Old or damaged leather can be revamped or at the very least preserved to last by using the right leather conditioner. It's only possible to maintain the shininess and pliability of new leather with a conditioner. You can't get that from a cleaner unless it includes conditioner with it. This is because cleaners naturally dry out the leather as it removes accumulated dust, so you need to moisten it to get its emollient oils going.
  • Leather Protector Cleans and Protects: The leather protector is specifically designed for long-term care. The best ones can double as conditioners in rejuvenating your dried-out leather to prevent further damage while at the same time putting on a wax-like skin for additional protection. You also have the option to clean the leather, condition it, and then add a final spray or wipe of protector for additional conditioning.
  • Appearance Restoration and Prolonged Protection: It's hard and expensive to replace leather upholstery. That goes double for leather seats. Cleanup and maintenance is what you need to restore the former fresh appearance of your leather and keep it that way for the longest time to limit the occurrence of wear and tear. Leather gets worn down not only by everyday handling but also because of the reduction of its emollient oils. If you keep it pliable it will resist wear-down even more effectively.


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