The ABCs of Auto Detailing

Car detailing after washing your car with products like KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo doesn't only enhance gloss. It also lessens the buildup of unwanted matter like seed juice, tree sap, bug entrails, and grime that may dull paint, make it corrode, make it bubble, and destroy the external surface over a period of time.

Don't be neglectful. The presence of car wax on your car can make it easier to wash your car and keep dirt from adhering on your car surface. With that said, washing your car prior to applying wax is also helpful in making wax application easier as well, since dirt can keep the wax from sticking on your vehicle's paint properly.

Tips for Auto Detailing Success

  • The Virtues of Daily Detailing: It only takes about an hour or a few minutes to detail your car daily, depending on its condition. It's also the quite enjoyable task when push comes to shove. Check out a car wax buying guide in case you want to choose other types of waxes other than something like KevianClean Quick Wax. The Quick Wax product is like carnauba waxes because it's all-natural and leaves less residue that can destroy the environment.
  • It's Not Hard To Go About Waxing and Polishing: Remember to wash your car first with KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo before drying it out then polishing it. Afterwards, you can seal the cleaned car with the vehicular Seran wrap known as wax, particularly KevianClean Quick Wax. It requires some effort and elbow grease to do the job, but your work is worthwhile once everything is said and done. It's a menial job that you can improve on the more you do it, like cleaning your house.
  • Avoid Using the Same Cloth: Use separate cloths or rags for washing, polishing, or waxing. This avoids cross-contamination. Soap can contaminate your polishing product and waxing can contaminate your soap. What's more, you should wash, polish, and wax in that order. This is because if you wax before you wash, you'll end up removing the wax while washing. Ditto when you polish after you wax. Wax should be put after instead of before cleanup.
  • Windows Shouldn't Be Waxed: Windows shouldn't be waxed. Wax looks smudgy on windows. You can polish windows but don't wax them. Spray a finishing product on the glass instead. This product removes smears, fingerprints, and smudges while wax reserved for car paint usage can only result in smears, fingerprints, and smudges. Just wash your car windows regularly from inside and outside. Also avoid working in the sun since it induces more damage.


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