Steering Wheel: How Do You Clean It?


Have you ever wondered how the steering wheel can be cleaned? It must have crossed your mind a couple of times before, but you never thought about it until one day you saw how dirty it was. You use the steering wheel every time you drive.


So when you eat and drive, those crumbs can get to the steering wheel as much as they get to your lap or the car carpet. The coffee drops whenever you drink and drive to work get to the steering wheel as well. It can get really dirty when you don’t clean it up.


Before you get allergy attacks because your steering wheel is just too dirty, here are a few tricks that you can use to clean it up.

  • Make sure to take the time to clean your steering wheel. If you wash your car once every week to keep the tire rims looking new, then you should care about having your steering wheel cleaned too. After all, it is what gives you control over the rest of the car. Without it, your driving experience will not be complete.

  • Use KevianClean Microfiber Towel and Interior Defense. When these two are combined, you can get the cleaning of the steering wheel started. Spray quick shots of the interior cleaner and wipe the area dry. Make 360 turns into the steering wheel to ensure that you get to the hard to reach parts.

  • Grip the towel firmly and move it back and forth into the wheel. This will allow you to wipe those parts of the wheel that you rarely reach but use nonetheless. Make sure to overspray the cleaner on the towel and not directly on the steering wheel. This is to ensure that none of the parts of the steering wheels gets overly wet. It could cause severe damage to the control system of the car.

  • If you can, use a steering wheel cover to ensure that the original steering wheel of your vehicle does not get worn out. After all, a steering wheel cover may be less expensive than having the original steering wheel replaced.

Getting the steering wheel cleaned up may be a bit trickier than how you regularly go about cleaning the other parts. However, if it means keeping the car interior clean and the driving experience safer, then you should not think twice about it.

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