Quarter Panel Extension: Do You Need It or Not?

The four-door sedan type of automobile typically has a rear panel known as the quarter panel. This panel extends down to the trunk and bumper. It's immediately above the wheel well and right beside the rare window to boot.

The placement of this quarter panel varies from auto to auto due to design differences. The underlying structure or blueprint of sedans remains the same throughout all makes and models, so that includes the presence of existence of the quarter panel.

So how does the quarter panel or fender extension fit into all this? Keep on reading to find out all about this extension and what it brings to the table when it comes to sedan repair and customization.

Why Would You Ever Need the Quarter Panel Extension?

  • What Is the Quarter Panel Extension? A quarter panel extension is what you use in order to fix an automobile that's dented, damaged, or corroded. It's a car part for the sake of auto restoration. It's a way for you to fix your car without needing to buy a new one or leaving your vehicle looking down on the dumps, so to speak. You either buy a replacement quarter panel that's the exact same copy of the damaged one or get a reinforced quarter panel extension with additional aesthetic improvements.
  • What Is the Quarter Panel Extension Made of? Quarter panels, and in turn quarter panel extensions, are made of sheet metal like the rest of your vehicle. They can also be made of fiberglass or fiber-reinforced plastic. Disassembly and replacement of the panel is rather simple on many of the latest vehicles. However, there are vintage vehicles out there that can make the whole process rather complex. You'll need to cut panels that are welded into the car's framework itself.
  • What Should You Look for in a Quarter Panel Extension? You should search for model compatibility, the right color, and perhaps the material that the original damaged panel is made of. You can also go with a quarter panel replacement that's made of different material as the panel it's replacing or the rest of your car. With that said, this extension can also be used for cosmetic, customization, or reinforcement purposes even if your quarter panel is perfectly fine.
  • How Should You Go About Installing a Quarter Panel Extension? When handling fender extensions and caps, you should observe the utmost care. If you're unable to deal with, for example, using a blowtorch to remove and old-timey quarter panel to replace it with a quarter panel extension for customization or repair purposes, then you should avail of mechanic help to deal with it. Many car restoration services offer quarter panel or fender extensions as part of their services.

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