Prevent a Car Breakdown with Proper Maintenance

Are you afraid that your car will break down after 10 years of use? How about 5 years of use? Even if it's just a newly bought fancy car with cruise control, a computer that monitors all your engines settings, and an electric mode (because it's a hybrid car that runs on fossil fuel and electricity), you need to take proper care of your car so that it can last longer in your hands.

Don't be abusive when you use it. Don't drive aggressively as though you're a NASCAR driver or a wannabe drag racer either. Your car for city driving should be maintained using the following tips and tricks.

Car Maintenance 101

Load Lightening: Unless you have no choice and you bought your truck or van especially for hauling big loads, you should lighten the load of your streetcar or city roadster in order to save the environment through fuel conservation, carbon emission reduction, and lowered gas mileage. Just get your unnecessary stuff out of the trunk and car with the exception of emergency items like a first-aid kit and a spare tire.

External Cleanup Every Week: Try to clean your car every week or every two weeks. Save water by using a waterless product like KevianClean or using a bucket of water before bringing out the hose. Use liquid soap in order to not leave residue on your car that requires more water to rinse off. Make sure you rinse the wheels clean from brake dust and wax the car to protect it from future dirtiness. Finally, put tire black on your tires to protect them from being worn down as well.

Internal Cleanup Occasionally: Check the air filter. If it's clogged with dirt, it can cause your engine to lose power and choke off the air that's supposed to result in a rich mixture. Dust and bugs can also be culprits to a jammed air filter. You can either clean them up or if they've gotten enough mileage replace them altogether. Consult your local mechanic when is the best time to replace the filters for your make and model of car (usually 6 months to 3 years).

Get an Oil Change: You should also change your oil, especially if it has become sludge at this point. Oil doesn't only serve as lubricant that fights against friction that wears down all the moving parts of your car. It's also supposed to clean out the garbage in your car, letting emissions and waste products stick to it like mucus. It's called the lifeblood of your vehicle but it's more like phlegm since it's supposed to be expelled from time to time.  Your filters should be checked along with every oil change, by the way.

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