Polishing Isn't Enough: You Also Need to Wax

Don't think that after polishing your car, you're through. You'd be amazed of how much polishing you'll have to do every day if you only use polish alone to keep your car as shiny as possible.

However, you have the option to Saran Wrap your car with wax like the residue-free, environment-friendly product of KevianClean Quick Wax that streamlines the entire waxing process for you. The detailing spray spreads easily like smooth butter on hot toast.

What's more, if you've waxed your car, you can make polishing easier. A waxed car is easy to polish. You know you're done if you've waxed your car within the past few months and it still manages to be shiny.

Things to Remember about Waxing and Polishing

  • Hallmarks of Wax Excellence: A good set of wax products can preserve the color and shine of your vehicle's paint. Without them, your paint job can become dull and gray, to the point that your car might start showing its age from your paint finish alone. The best car waxes such as KevianClean's own wax offering will leave your car looking new and shiny without causing damage to the paint itself. Some cheaper products can end up doing more harm than good though.
  • Waxes and Car Color Preservation: Certain waxes come complete with color-retaining formulas. They specifically have chemicals designed to ensure that the brightness, sharpness, and liveliness of your original car finish is retained. Other waxes simply come in roughly the same color as your car paint so that when it's applied, its protective layer blends well with your finish, giving it a glossy touch the same way lamination turns your plain cardboard ID into something shiny, protected, and long-lasting.
  • Polishing Before and After Waxing: Yes, you need to first clean, dry, and polish your car prior to it getting a wax job. However, after the wax job is done and has been "cured", that doesn't mean you don't need to clean and polish your car anymore until all the wax is stripped away by age and the elements. Instead, you can tune up the shininess of your waxed car by regular cleaning and polishing. It's even easy to polish with that wax layer the same way the clearcoat paint finish would.
  • If It's Been More Than a Few Months: As mentioned in an earlier entry, after a few months, the wax might end up being less effective or even completely stripped away. When this happens can range from 3-4 months or sooner. You know your wax is gone when it takes longer to clean and polish your car. Once the wax is gone, it's recommended that you wax your car again for its own good and protection.

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