Maintenance Tips for Car Owners

One of the most basic things you should do as a responsible new car owner is to read the car owner manual that came with your new car. It has all the maintenance tips you need in order to properly take care of your car, just like with any other appliance.

Depending on how long you've owned your car, you may or may not still have hold of this booklet. Some car owners might not even have the manual on hand anymore because it's been twenty years since they first purchased their vehicle. However, if you do have your manual, you can use it to teach you all sorts of maintenance tips and recommendations.

More about Car Maintenance

Getting a Car Manual Copy: There are motorists who might've bought a second-hand car, resulting in them never having the manual in the first place. You can get a hold of a copy of the book specific to your make and model of car from your local dealership.

If you've lost our car manual, you can buy one at the auto supply store. Just keep in mind your car's make and model and search for the corresponding manual. Sometimes, the Internet even has PDFs for such manuals.

Borrowing a Manual from the Library: You can go old-school too and borrow a repair manual for your car from the library or photocopy relevant pages to save money. Just watch out because these books are thick and heavy.

One particularly recommended series is the Chilton Series for Auto Maintenance. However, they're filled to the brim of repair tips like changing your oil, brake pads, fuel pump, spark plugs, and more. You can even be taught of basic things like changing tires or jumpstarting your battery.

When Not to Explore Car Maintenance: Unless you're a mechanic, there are certain things you shouldn't explore when doing car maintenance. Your inexperience can lead to ruining your car more when you do these advanced tasks by yourself. It's best to let an expert mechanic handle larger jobs like installing a new carburetor, radiator, and alternator. You should also avoid transmission and engine repair.

Mechanic versus DIY

Many car repair websites tend to give away important info regarding how to fix a car. You can start with the basics like changing your tires and work your way up. They can teach you all sorts of info regarding installing a car audio system, maintaining your tires, checking your fluids, and fixing your windshield wipers.

You can also teach yourself how to fix a broken muffler, replace spark plugs, and change your own oil. However, you should let mechanics do advanced work like installing a new engine or radiator.

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