Is Your Keyless Remote Case Missing? Shop for a New One!

If you have a car that lacks a manual key system and instead uses a keyless entry system, then you know how important it is to take care of your keyless remote case or key fob. This system enables you to lock or open your car door without bothering with manual car keys.

So it's like a car alarm locking system sans the actual keys. Incidentally, most keyless entry systems are integrated with the anti-theft car alarm system too, if not altogether available as a package deal of sorts.

Getting the Right Keyless Remote Case for Your Needs

If the case of your keyless remote gets damaged, it's like having your TV control cracking open like a nut, revealing all its inner circuitry and whatnot. This requires you to either get a replacement remote or, if possible, a new case.

  • Case Replacement 101: Be careful in which case you should get. Some universal cases can house most keyless remote circuitry, but most of the time it's better to err on the side of caution and get a keyless entry remote replacement for the same make and model of car you're using it on. Or it could instead depend on the brand of keyless remote you're using.
  • Looks the Same But Totally Different: Some keyless remote cases may look the same but are actually totally different, so it's better to get a hold of your user manual for the keyless entry system to know which brand and model you've got installed into your vehicle. An incompatible case can result in buttons not working or getting reversed functions for the buttons.
  • As Long as It Fits the Circuitry You're Good to Go: If you do wish to use a universal keyless remote case then make sure it covers your model of car or brand of keyless entry system. It also helps if it's the same dimensions as your destroyed case. As long as it fits the circuitry and no wires or functions are crossed, then you should be good to go.
  • Searching for FCC and GM Codes: When searching for a replacement remote or remote case, you need to know the FCC or GM codes. It further helps you find the right case or new remote for your keyless entry system. Find the case first before going for a new remote, because for obvious reasons, the remote is more expensive than a replacement plastic case.
  • Where to Find the FCC and GM Codes: This special code you need to electronically key into your damaged circuitry can either be a GM ID or FCC ID code system that ensures your keyless entry system recognizes your keyless remote circuits once you've installed it into a new case. Check with your dealer for more info by giving your car's VIN number to them.

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