How to Wax the Roof of Your Car

Waxing the roof of your car is easy enough. If you're tall enough, you won't even need to go on your tiptoes in order to reach its top. Just apply a thin layer of wax the same way you would any other part of your vehicle, wait a bit, and then buff it with a microfiber towel until it's polished.

Then you have the option to add an extra layer of shine. As for the shorter motorists out there, they might need to get a stool to stand on in order to reach the top of your sedan's roof. However, what about SUVs and vans?

Roof Waxing 101

  • Picking the Right Wax: Even classic wax formulations have additives that make it easier to apply then buff the wax. What more the newest synthetic formulas that are even simpler to apply while at the same time offering truly lasting protection? You can even avail of spray-on or liquid waxes that can be applied with zero effort on your part. With these new waxes, you don't have to wax your roof as often.
  • How Often You Should Wax: You don't need to wax often. The wax you've applied on your clean car can survive multiple car washes in the future. Even if you're obsessed about keeping that showroom shone, four coats of wax every year is plenty enough for your roof or the rest of your vehicle. To maintain the shine, use spray-on wax. Most motorists wax the car at least twice annually, or once in spring and once in winter.
  • Accessories Needed for Waxing Tall Vehicles: Certain tall vehicles like pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs have ladders included at the back to allow you easier access to the roof of your automobile. Otherwise, you'll need to invest in step ladders and other self-supporting ladders that can support themselves in order to wax (or even clean) your vehicle with a high vertical clearance. You can also use long brushes and applicators with lengthy sticks or stems.
  • To Wax or Not to Wax Your Rack: If your van, pickup, or SUV has a rack for your luggage, then usually you can forgo waxing the roof in favor of simply cleaning and polishing the rack with a spray-on along with what's left of the roof that you can access. There's not a huge impetus to wax your rack to a showroom shine although you could do it if you want. You can also remove the rack to be able to wax your rack-free roof.


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