How to Repair your Leather Couch


A leather couch shows elegance and strength in your home. It may be more expensive than other types of seating but it is definitely worth your money. In this regard, you should always take time to care for your couch. 

Your leather seating is not exempt from daily wear and tear. In fact, your couch is often prone to getting scratches or tears, especially with heavy use. You may accidentally spill your drink on the leather or your kids may possibly leave marks on it. The possibilities are endless and you’ll never know when an accident may strike.

This may appear frustrating at first, especially if you’ve invested heavily on your leather couch. However, don’t panic yet. We’ll show you some tips on how to patch up your leather couch.


Technically, there are different types of stains. It can either be from food, liquid or ink. In case you discover a fresh stain on your couch, wipe it off immediately. This will prevent the stain for getting fully absorbed by the leather.

If it’s a food stain, clean the surface immediately with a clean cloth. Apply a talcum powder directly over the stain to absorb the grease. For water stains, you should immediately blot it with an absorbent material.

Ink stains, on the other hand, are harder to remove. Use a cotton swab to apply a nail polish remover on the ink mark. A cotton swab provides you with more precision while eliminating the ink.

However, before you start applying the nail polish remover, test it first on a small and less visible area on your couch. Observe how it will affect your leather before you proceed.


Scratches can vary from light to deep cuts. Start by applying our KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner on the affected area in small circular motions. Don’t forget to use a cloth to apply the leather conditioner. This will help improve the condition of your scratch and hopefully eliminate it.

Use a hair dryer to heat up the scratch and buff it lightly. The warm temperature will bring the scratch towards the surface.


A cut or tear on your leather sofa requires a more serious approach. You can buy a leather repair kit or use your own tools at home. For the latter part, the first step is to clean the area with alcohol.

Then cut away the loose threads or rough spots in the tear. After clearing it, put an adhesive over the edges and cover it up with a leather patch. Make sure your leather patch matches the color of your couch.

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