How to Repair Oxidized Paint

What does an oxidized paint mean? A brand new car has a certain polish and shine to it. Over time, the exterior of your car can look dull and uneven. This is what paint oxidation appears like.

What leads to paint oxidation? Most often, consistent exposure to various external elements and conditions can cause the water and oxygen to affect the surface of your car. This leads to the breakdown of paint or paint oxidation which is also caused by constant exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun.

How do you fix this? Here are some tips to help you restore the old shine of your car.

  1. Pick the right products. There are quick solutions that can help conceal the imperfections of your car’s surface. Wax may be a quick fix but it is only temporary.
On the other hand, there are specific wax polishers and compound polishes that can effectively address the paint oxidation issue of your car. Some products are specifically designed to remove the oxidation by polishing the topcoat of the paint.
Try our KevianClean Quick Wax solution to polish the surface of your vehicle. 
  1. Apply a clear coat finish. This can help restore the faded paint on your vehicle. However, the final result will still depend on the type of coating used in your car as well the color of your car exterior.

This doesn’t work all the time. If the coating produces a blotchy surface or exposes the primer, you may have to repaint your car.

  1. Use a clay bar. Once you see signs of light oxidation, you should use a clay bar to detail your vehicle. Clean the surface first and make sure that you effectively eliminate any signs of dirt and grime on the surface. Polish the surface to bring back the old shine of your car.
Make sure you avoid highly abrasive polishes. Polishing removes the oxidized paint on the surface. Use microfiber, foam or buffing pads to clear the oxidation.
You can use a dual-action car polisher to treat highly oxidized paint. Polishers often have different speed settings. Check the manual of your polisher to set the right settings.
  1. Apply a paint sealant. Use several layers to protect the surface better. This will also produce a shinier surface.

Painted plastic car parts oxidize faster than metal materials. It is better to polish plastic parts by hand. The paint is thinner on raised surfaces.

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