How to Properly Dry Your Car

There are a lot of tricks of the trade that involve washing a car but not a lot has been said about having to dry vehicles and not so many people really manage to put enough emphasis on the effort of drying their cars especially since the trouble of washing the car is already tiring and time consuming in itself.

The importance of drying a vehicle is to ensure that the exterior most particularly the body paint ends up looking nice and even and at the same time so that there will be no water marks or other car washing stains from the soap that will dry up and damage the paint.

Absorbent Towels

When drying a car it is essential to have the best tools to use most especially the cloth or towels to be used directly on the exteriors.

Look for ones made from micro fiber which do not damage or scratch the paint and at the same time these types of fabrics are very absorbent and can make the car drying task much easier to finish.

Work in Portions

Similar to washing a car, make it a point to drying out the entire vehicle and work on these in parts and portions so that each are dried out evenly and no spots are left with any smudges, spill marks or soap residue.

Start out drying out all of the windows and working through the rest of the car body, on the driver’s side then work your way around the vehicle until you reach the top of the roof.

Have Several Materials

Do not rely on managing to dry the entire vehicle with just one towel, make it a point to have several pieces to work with and assign one that will be used for the windows, one for the body and several others for the wheels and tires.

Like having to wash a vehicle it is also very good to note that when drying a vehicle there will be portions that will still have some residue that will be left so it is better to distinguish one from the other while continuing with the drying process.

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