How to Keep the Longevity of Leather

Leather rapidly deteriorates without proper care and cleaning, resulting in expensive restoration work and complete reupholstering at a car detailing place. Just as great things start from small beginnings, so too terrible things.

You should regularly clean these contaminants with products like KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in order to keep their acidic residue from eating away at the finish of your leather, which could then permanently damage it.

Alas, Some Cleaners Will Destroy Your Leather

  • Go for Leather Specific Cleaners

Most of the issues beginner motorists have with maintaining their car leather upholstery has to do with either neglect or ignorance. For example, while using an all-purpose car cleaner is okay for most leather, it's better to go for leather specific cleaners with conditioners included with them.

You want cleaners that remove the gunk, replenish the leather's emollient oils, and protect the surface with a waxy shield. Indeed, simply forgetting to wipe sweat, grime, and dirt from your car seat, ceiling, door, and siding that are upholstered with leather can result in eventual degradation.

  • Certain Products Are a Bad Idea for Leather

There are even some motorists are foolish enough to use dishwasher liquid soap, bath soap, or laundry detergent on their car seats, thus sealing their fate and degradation. Your leather needs replenishment, not just a quick clean.

There are also cleaners marketed for cleaning your leather made of waxes, silicone, and the like that have a detrimental effect on your car seat leather due to their leaving of acidic residue that penetrates the pores of the leather finish, thus drying them out.

  • Only Go for Cleaners That Have Been Tested

You should only go for cleaners that have been tested and certified as safe like KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. It's tested and certified by the German Tannery Institute, among other independent testing authorities.

It has not been tested on animals and it only contains organic ingredients, which means it has no chemical smell and won't melt your leather upholstery away when push comes to shove. Chemical shortcuts to cleaning bonded contaminants will only lead to accelerated wear and tear as far as leather is concerned.

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Leather Cleaners

Testing authorities, third-party reviewers, and actual verified customer reviews and ratings are your best bet when it comes to buying online leather cleaners that have at least been vouched by people who aren't under the payroll of the cleaner manufacturer.

Having a product certified means they've gone through wear-and-tear simulators and they've proven themselves when it comes to meeting current leather cleaning standards. You also want full disclosure on how organic or natural the ingredients of a given leather cleaner product is so that you won't end up doing more harm than good to your car leather.

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