How To Keep The Car Dashboard Clean

You are looking at your car dashboard right now and all you can see is dust. In fact, from the eye level, it looks like there’s a desert build-up in that part of your vehicle. Did you forget that you dumped a sack full of sand inside your car? Nope. You simple forgot to clean it up for weeks.

Your carpet and car seats may also have something to do with the dusty dashboard that you have now. Or perhaps it could be where you work or live that may have caused the dust to pile up in your car interior. No matter what the reason may be, it is important to keep the dashboard clean at all times. Not only will it keep the car interior looking good, but it will keep dust mites from making a home out of your car, making you sick all the time.


It is downright unhealthy for you to be inhaling all the dust and neither does it make your dashboard look good. What do you need to prepare to clean the dashboard up? Gear up for some cleaning with the help of these useful tools:

  • Microfiber cloth. Remember to wash them first before you use them to wipe the dust away. They may have loose fibers that could only make the cleaning even more difficult. Also, don’t forget to dampened it to ensure that you won’t be leaving any water marks in the car interior.

  • A soft dash brush for your car interior. You will need this to get to the small holes and corners of the car dashboard and get the dust off from where they are hiding. The small bristles can get to places that the microfiber cloth won’t be able to.

  • Car interior cleaner. Make sure to use the one that’s the most gentle of all. If you can pick the one that smells good too, it would be a great buy just like KevianClean Interior Defense. By then, you’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone – have the car dashboard cleaned up and the entire car smelling good.

  • Interior dressings. They vary according to the depth of cleanliness and shine that they could give. You must remember though that a dashboard that’s too shiny may reflect in your windscreen and that’s not a very good idea too.

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