How to Get Rid of Rust on Wheel Rims

You don’t always have to bring your car to a professional detailing service. Just allot an extra few hours on the weekends to do this yourself. This way you can also save a few bucks.

Don’t let the dirt and rust settle in, it’s always best to clean your rims as soon as possible. Otherwise, the rust will eat away the metal and make it brittle and weak. It can eventually cause accidents and damage to your tires.

You can remove the rust on steel and chrome rims. However, it can have adverse effects on chrome painted rims which is why this method is not recommended. Cleaning your tire rims doesn’t require rocket science. Just follow these simple and easy steps to a cleaner, shinier, and functional rims.

1. Prepare your tools

This includes a wheel cleaner, wheel brush, and auto detailing towels. You should also prepare a rubbing alcohol, chemical rust remover, wire brush, and rust proof coating or sealant.

2. Wash the tire rims

Use the KevianClean Wheel Cleaner and Wheel Brush to remove all dirt, grime, and oil. After drying the rims, wipe off the residue with the KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel infused with rubbing alcohol. Make sure you wash off all debris from the rims.

3. Remove the rust

Use the wire brush to clear the rust. Do not add too much pressure while brushing as it might add damage to the material instead of cleaning it. Apply a chemical rust remover on hard to clean areas.

For deep-rusted areas, use a chemical or rust converter so that it can be transformed into a metal coating that you can cover with a sealant. However, if the rim is too damaged and beyond repair, you might opt to buy a new set instead.

4. Apply a protective coating

Once you’ve successfully removed the rust. Buff and polish the affected areas. Make sure you wipe the tire rims with an alcohol soaked in a cloth. This will help prepare the surface for the protective coating.

You can apply the coating on top of the tire rims and let it dry. Then buff it and repeat the process of applying an alcohol dampened cloth. Once it dries off, apply a second coating.

Once you finish this procedure, you can now proudly drive your car and show off your sparkling tire rims. We highly recommend that you regularly wash your wheels to avoid rust from building up in your rims.

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