How to Find the Right Car Repair Shop

When you're looking for a repair facility, you usually either drive around until you can find some of the nearest mechanics in your neighborhood or call a friend to refer you to their favorite facilities.

At least with the help of family and friends, you can use their trustworthy opinion to guide you so that you won't have to find a mechanic yourself. The process of elimination or trial and error of finding competent mechanics can be quite tedious.

If you're new to an area and you haven't developed close relationships with your neighbors yet, then you can use the Internet and the star ratings provided by Google Maps to guide you.

Tips for Finding Good Repair Shops

  1. The Better Business Bureau: The BBB keeps tabs on customer complaints in regards to less-than-reputable repair shops. You can use their database to see if there are an excessive number of complaints about your prospective repair shop. You should especially avoid those facilities with a large amount of unresolved complaints. The info should clue you in on a given shop's morality or ethics.
  2. Maintenance Is Better Than Repair: Maintenance is better than repair the same way prevention is better than the cure. For example, many a life has been saved by early detection of cancer versus having to deal with Stage 3 or Stage 4 cancer. In turn, it's better for you to go looking for a mechanic and technician for the sake of maintaining the good condition of your vehicle. Don't wait until your vehicle needs a major overhaul or replacement before finding a facility.
  3. Try Out Minor Services First: If you can trust a car repair shop for minor services, then they've earned your trust for major services as well. Just take your car to a shop in order to give it belt or fluid replacements, brake inspections, and oil changes. Doing so will allow you to try out the mettle of a given shop. If their standards are acceptable in that level, then you'll be taking less of a risk when allowing them to do major work.
  4. Develop a Relationship with the Facility: Try to develop rapport and familiarity with the repair facility's staff and crew. Friendliness can go a long way in making the mechanics and technicians become more considerate with your financial requests. Don't be afraid to ask them questions too. For example, if you're afraid that your fluids are spilling too much under your car or if they're too discolored for your taste, feel free to have the repairmen inspect their quality or lack thereof.

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