How to Clean Your Dashboard

There's nothing that ages a car quite like having films of dust, watermarks, grime, and dirt all over your dash. In order to keep your vehicle from looking like it belongs in the junk heap or salvaged and hotwired from the wrong side of the tracks, you should use the following techniques in order to properly clean your dashboard.

Cleaning Your Dashboard Properly 101

  • Materials Required: You'll need a dashboard cleaner like KevianClean Interior Defense, dashboard polish, vent and dash brush, and a soft microfiber cloth and/or cotton rag. Minimize your usage of water and soap by just dampening the cloth rather than letting it end up dripping wet.
  • Regularly Dust Your Dash: The dashboard and center console should be regularly cleaned on a monthly or twice-weekly basis. Don't let dust and grime settle to the point of caking like gross frosting atop your interior car centerpiece of sorts.
  • Clean Up Your Dusted Dash with Soap and Water: After your dashboard has been dusted off, clean it. Add mild soap to a bowl full of water, dampen your cloth with the soapy water, and run the cloth across the dashboard and center console. This will lift the grime and dust particles from the dash.
  • Tips for Proper Cleanup for a Sweet-Smelling Touch: Wring the cloth to make sure it's not dripping. Rinse and repeat until your dash is cleaned up totally. What's more, you can leave your dashboard with a fresh smell that's not full of volatile organic compounds by adding essential oils to the water mixture.
  • Bring Out Your KevianClean Interior Defense for Heavy-Duty Jobs: If your dash is caked with grime and dust that can't simply be cleaned with soap and water, use KevianClean Interior Defense. It dually cleans your dash then protects it afterwards from future sordid events. It's what you can depend on in terms of an intensive cleaning experience.
  • A Small Amount Goes a Long Way: When using Interior Defense, you should dab a small amount of it on a clean microfiber cloth before rubbing it on your center console and dash. This will allow you to remove stubborn dust and grime that your soapy water couldn't get rid of. That's what cleaners like Interior Defense are made for.
  • Clean Your Dash Knobs with a Dash and Vent Brush: Grime and dust can also enter your automobile interior's tight nooks and crannies. In such cases, your microfiber cloth won't be enough. Take the brush and run it over your crevices like your gearshift, radio, vents, hand brake, and dash knobs. Make sure to use a gentle touch when running the brush bristles in these areas to avoid scratches.

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