How to Clean Seatbelts

Cleaning your car interior includes washing your mats and upholstery, vacuuming your carpet, wiping dust from your dashboard and panels. However, most of us often forget to clean seatbelts and the harness. Using a small amount of KevianClean Interior Defense and some degreaser can make your seatbelts shiny and new.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Pull out the belts. Extend it as long as you can. Position it outside your vehicle. Clean the areas of the strap including the concealed parts.
  1. Apply an upholstery cleaner. Use a clean cloth and rub it off the harness. This will eliminate the dirt and bacteria stuck to the belt.
  1. Another option is to use a pressure washer. If your belts are very dirty and an upholstery cleaner can’t do the job, using a power washer may be more suitable. However, it is not for first-timers. You need to be experienced in order to properly use this tool. After applying a cleaner or degreaser then rub it with a scrubbing pad. Set your power washer to a low setting and spray on both sides. Do this until the cleaning product is entirely removed.
  1. Dry it off. Towel it down to remove excess water and moisture. You can put a clip on the entry point to avoid retracting the harness. If the damp belt gets on the track, it can cause mildew to form.
  1. Remove the buckle. You can use a chrome cleaner to refurbish the steel areas of your belt. If there are any corrosions, you can polish and buff it to give it a new shine. For plastic covers, you can easily wet and sand the scratches using a sanding block with a 2,000-grit sandpaper.
  1. Mix a liquid dish soap with water for lubrication. Before sanding the scratches make sure it is wet with soap. Afterward, use a plastic polish on the cover and a paint swirl remover on the buckle. Buff it off using a damp soft synthetic pad.
  1. Let it dry. Once it dries off, makes sure the buckles and belts are in place. You can wipe off the rest of the trims and hardware.

If you don’t know how to remove and install the seatbelts, just clean it as it is. Otherwise, an improper assembly can alter and affect the safety features of your seatbelt and may possibly put you at risk. Remember, safety first above anything else.

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