How to Clean Fabric Seat Covers

Fabric seat covers have the tendency to absorb odors and stains. Whether the smell is from food, cigarette or mildew, it will definitely be hard to get rid of. The same goes for stains from dirt, oil, grime and other substances.

Nobody wants to ride in a dirty car. It’s uncomfortable, unhealthy, disgusting, and embarrassing. Always make sure your seat covers are fresh and clean, not only for your passengers but for yourself as well.  

Here are some tips on how to clean your seat covers to for a fresh and comfortable ride.

1. Vacuum the seats once a week.

This will eliminate the accumulated dirt and avoid bacteria from building up. Start with the center then work your way outwards and focus on the back and bottom part of the seat. This is where most of the dust and dirt gather.

2. Use a moistened towel to wipe off spots.

You can never tell when someone accidentally might spill something inside your car. If your seat covers get stained, minimize the damage by cleaning the surface with a moistened towel.

Use the KevianClean Auto Detailing Towel to wipe off the spot immediately to prevent the fabric from absorbing the stain further. The longer the stain is absorbed, the harder it is to remove.

3. Spray the area with a cloth or fabric cleaner.

There are certain fabric and cloth cleaners or solutions you can use to clean the surface. Do not over soak the fabric as it may affect the cushion underneath. Keeping the cushion dry will prevent potential odors from arising.

After spraying the affected area 5 times, rub the area with a soft brush. This will help bring the dirt to the surface. A soft brush will prevent the fabric from getting damaged.

Avoid using stiff brushes because it can cause the fibers of the fabric to fray. Once the accumulated dirt rises up to the surface, clean it with the KevianClean microfiber towel before the surface becomes dry.

4. Open the windows and let it dry.

This will speed up the process of drying the moistened surface. Also, it will prevent the odor from getting trapped inside the vehicle.

5. Vacuum the area again.

Once the dirt and stained are removed from the fabric, repeat the process of vacuuming the area to completely eradicate any signs of residue and moisture. Let the fabric dry before you climb into your car.

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