How to Clay Your Alloy Wheels

The tiny contaminants that stick to the body of your vehicle tends to do the same thing with your wheels. Actually, your wheels and especially your scratch-sensitive alloy wheels have it worse because they lack clear-coat protection more often than not and have to deal with road salts and brake dust on top of regular dust. Regardless if the alloy has a coat or not, they'll stick to it unless they're cleaned off early on. This is where detailing clay comes in.

Things to Remember About Claying Wheels

  • Removing Embedded Contamination: Detailing clay is excellent when it comes to taking off contamination that's practically embedded on your wheels. It's even better when you buy clay specifically made for wheels. A wheel-cleaning clay product is a godsend when it comes to carefully removing contaminants without ending up putting all sorts of scratches on your alloy wheels.
  • Pay Attention to the Labels: Find a clearly labeled detailing clay jar that specifically says it cleans up wheels so that you won't confuse it with regular detail clay that can only be used on a car's paint finish. They should never be mixed up. It's also important to use separate clay products on your wheels and your car paint to avoid cross-contamination. Brake dust is so corrosive that it will make quick work out of your vehicle's paint for sure.
  • Prevention Is Better Than the Cure: It's better to avoid having contaminants embedded unto your vehicle in the first place. Regularly clean your wheels with KevianClean Wheel Cleaner. Then you won't have to pay extra for a clay bar in order to remove embedded brake dust, road salt, and dirt unto your alloy wheels without causing a single scratch on it. Always be proactive when it comes to cleanliness.
  • Warnings and Reminders: Use detailing clay made specifically for alloy wheels to remove embedded particles on it. Specifically use a medium-grade detailing clay bar for removal of embedded brake dust on your alloy wheels without scratching the surface of your rims and hubcaps. Use the clay after cleaning your wheel and before waxing or polishing.

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