How to Check if your Brake Pads are Worn Out

Your brakes are one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle. Your safety, as well as your passengers, greatly rely on the condition of your brakes. Make sure you pay close attention and observe the signs if your brake pads need to be replaced. Changing your brake pads can make a big difference in your driving. 

Here are some signs that your brake pads need replacement.

  • The brake pads appear thin. In most modern vehicles, you can easily see the brake pads through your wheel. In this case, inspect your pads and notice how thick it is. If the pad appears to be thin, then it might be already time for a replacement. In some cars, there are indicators that determine if the pads are worn out.
  • Feel the vibration. Once you apply pressure on the brake pad and feel a consistent vibration, it may be due for a replacement. The vibration is usually caused by worn out brakes from daily use or heat. If you feel that your steering wheel is also vibrating every time you step on the brakes, then it is another sign that it needs to be changed.
  • The car is pulling. If you feel that your car is pulling to one side, it can mean a lot of things. For one, it may be caused by misaligned wheels or it can be also caused by worn out brake pads. If your car is pulling and you’re not using your steering wheel, then your brake pads may be uneven and should be replaced.
  • You hear a screeching sound in your brakes. Pay close attention to the sound of your brakes. If you hear a screeching sound every time you fully press down on the brake pad, it can be an indicator that your pads are already old and worn out.

The more you use the brakes, the louder the sound becomes. So what kind of sound should you look for? A worn out brake pad will produce a metal grinding sound. However, if your brake pads are still noisy even after your replacement, it means you still need to have repairs or adjustments done.

When you’re having your brake pads replaced, ask your mechanic to check the other parts of your car. This may save you on check-up and maintenance costs in the long run. Wash your car regularly with the KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to keep it well-maintained.    

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