How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

You should wax your car every three months or four times annually. This is for the sake of protecting your vehicle's finish even though since the 1980s, the clear coat layer on cars has allowed owners to end up with shiny cars by simply washing them without bothering with the wax.

Consider the wax your extra layer of protection or you erring on the side of caution in order to safeguard the clear coat that keeps your vehicle looking glossy in and of itself.

At a minimum, cars should be waxed twice a year or perhaps once every summer and winter or spring and fall. The twice-a-year wax is also made possible by the clear coat tech, otherwise car owners will have to shine their cars even more often than 4 times a year.

When Specifically to Wax Your Car

  • In Terms of Seasons: You should wax your car with products like KevianClean Quick Wax every end of spring that's on the cusp of the first day of summer and every fall that's on the cusp of the first day of winter. This is because wax protects cars from ultraviolet rays, and these rays are strongest in the warmth of summer. Wax can also shield against the harshness of winter.
  • Do You Need to Wax Your Car? The easiest way to tell if your car requires a waxing is by splashing water over it. If the water beads up, the wax is still there and you don't need to put on a new wax coat yet. If the water doesn't bead up, then it's about time you waxed your car again until beading occurs yet again.
  • Things You Need for Waxing: You need to get the proper items prior to waxing your car. These include high-quality auto wax that's non-abrasive, microfiber applicator pad, microfiber towel, wash mitt, water, and a bucket to hold the water. The car should be washed, dried, and polished first before being waxed. Wax in a shaded area as well to prevent the wax from drying too quickly.
  • Don't Wax a Dirty Car: If you wax a car full of splattered bugs and bird droppings, you're only making things worse and wasting precious expensive wax. Instead, wash off all contaminants with soap and water or a clay bar for claying before polishing your car and putting on a new layer of wax on top of the clear coat to make your vehicle display a truly impressive showroom shine.
  • Methods of Car Waxing: Whether you're taking your car to a detailer or waxing it yourself, the key to success is taking your time. You should be disciplined when putting on the wax and then buffing it out. Use a thin layer then thicken it afterwards with another thin layer. Thick caking wax will only end up becoming a waste.

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