How Do You Keep Leather Car Seats Looking New?

Wear and tear, they say, happens to everything, although it is especially evident in all things leather. They become dull, cracked and totally unsightly. However, when they are brand new, there is nothing as sleek and as classy as new leather seats. Despite the fact that there will be wear and tear, people still choose to buy car leather seats. They could only hope they could so something about the wear and tear.

Why Does Leather Fade?

The bulk of the wear that happens to leather is due to the abrasive effects of built-up dirt. Also, cowhide loses its essential oils over time that basically provides natural protection from UV lights from everyday use. Ignoring leather care can be quite easy, especially for those who live busy lives. But when you begin to see the first sign of dullness, the cracks will follow soon after.

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to keep leather car seats clean. To start, you must set a monthly reminder of your phone that those car seats need to be cleaned. If possible, schedule a monthly general cleaning of the car both the interior and the exterior to help maintain its shiny, brand new condition.

Choosing a Leather Cleaner

There are various one-step cleaners and conditioners for leather seats that come in lotion, wipe or spray form. They all seem to work the same way, until you take a look at its effect of your car car leather seats and the longevity of their effects.

A gentle oil may be used to help remove the dirt and keep the leather product supple. However, if you are a bit more obsessive and you want to make sure your car leather seats look exactly how they were when they were brand new all the time, then the KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner should be a very good choice. It will leave your car seat clean and shiny as if they were newly bought.

Keep in mind that vinyl cleaners are no good. Petroleum-based solvents and silicone cleaners are likely to leave your car leather seats looking shiny, but that’s just about that. They don’t remove the dirt which actually causes the wear and tear.

Remember that the goal is not only to make it look clean and shiny, but for those leather seats to be as clean as they should be and as strong and shiny as their brand new counterparts.

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