Household Solutions and Organic Cleaners That You Can Use for Car Maintenance

Did you know that you can use peanut butter from your pantry or solid shortening from your kitchen in order to get rid of tar or tree sap on the exterior of your car? Or you can use a vinegar-soaked cloth or rag over bugs splattered over your windshield? It's true!

As far as commercial organic cleaners, you can use to clean and maintain your car are concerned, few products can beat the environment-friendly offerings of KevianClean. They specifically make the spray-on car wash that cleans and waxes your finish at the same time.

Go Green When You Clean

Pantry Raid for Car Cleanup: In regards to the peanut butter and shortening solution, they work best by letting them sit on the goo or tree spa for about two minutes or a minute. From there, use another clean rag to wipe them off. Finish the job by using your (organic or all-natural) cleaner to get rid of that peanut smell. Rinse and repeat. You can also use vinegar or denatured alcohol on the sap if you want.

A Bug's Cleaner: Get rid of bugs stuck on your car windshield or elsewhere on your vehicle (probably flying bugs that got hit by your car in the highway) with denatured alcohol or vinegar as well. Put the chemicals on your rag until it is soaked then wipe the bugs away. You can also use your cleaner if you like but you can save on cleaner by going the vinegar acid route.

Window Cleaner Options and Bleach Precautions: Did you know that your window cleaner is made of ammonia? You can buy ammonia instead of a commercial cleaner to save money. Or you can make a homebrew version within a spray bottle. Just remember to avoid doing something stupid, like mixing ammonia with bleach (this results in toxic vapors) or using bleach at all with your car wash (it could ruin your finish).

Save Your Storm Drain from Gunk by Driving Smart: One way to make sure that your car doesn't produce as much gunk as a factory is to drive smart. Avoid excessive idling, minimize unnecessary miles, and combine errands in one trip instead of several. Learn about fuel economy. Get a hybrid or at least one of those cars with computers in them for easy maintenance. Tune up your car regularly to avoid that major overhaul.

The Waterless Solution

Quite a number of pre-made eco-friendly DIY or commercial car wash solutions are available to you if you know where to look and how to properly use them. This article merely scratches upon the surface of environmentally sound cleaners you can use to clean your boat, motorcycle, truck, van, RV, or car (as well as plane) without overusing your long hose, sponges, soap, and buckets of water.

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