Fun and Cool Car Features

More and more people have become obsessed over just how awesome vehicles look from the outside but not so many have become fully aware that there are a lot of new features to vehicle interiors that have very fun and cool while driving on the road and even just when parking.

Fortunately many car manufacturers have been able to come up with ways that help drivers while on the road and at the same time provide passengers when in transit and what is special with some of these features is the amount of comfort and convenience it provides to everyone inside the vehicle.

Viewing Screens

When you are stuck in a long road trip during vacations, sometimes the long travel time becomes very boring especially if there are children on board the car, which is why it is so special to know that there are some car models that have small television screens that can play your favorite movies and shows. 

Parking Video Screens

For those who find it difficult to park in spaces that are very limited, you are in for a treat because there are some new vehicle models that have extra features that show the surrounding areas of the car and prevents from hitting and colliding with walls, posts and other vehicles within a parking area and this is a very good feature especially for those who are relatively new drivers.

Sunroofs and Top-down Options

These are times when you drive and travel that you get that opportunity to see amazing views and have enough of nature all around you, luckily there are some cars that have sunroofs that open up for fresh air from the outside and even more excellent are those models that are able to have the roof pulled down for an excellent view of the outdoors while traveling.

Temperature Regulated Storage Space

In some instances, there are those who love to bring along food and drinks with them while going on a long trip and these days you can do so even without having an icebox or food storage container because there are some vehicle models that have built in and temperature regulated storage spaces.

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