Eco-friendly Car Cleaning Explained

Cleaning your car is a necessity. However, the loads of water you use to clean it and the loads of muck and oil you'll have to clean off of your driveway afterwards can lead to ecological disasters.

Those rivers that your storm drain dumps all that grease and gasoline from your car into can't clean themselves up if you were to use water, residue-filled soap, and the like to get rid of all the sludge from within and dirt from all over your car.

However, there are ways to clean up your car without sullying Mother Nature at the same time. For example, use waterless car car products like KevianClean to conserve as much water as possible. You can also follow the tips and tricks outlined below.

Eco-Minded Cleanup Revealed

  • Wash on Dry Land Instead of the Pavement: Wash your car on grass, soil, or dirt as well as at your lawn or in gravel. This way, you can keep your storm drain from being clogged with laundry detergent or laundry bar residue because all that earth and plant life serve as filters for the nastiest of compounds such as particulate matter from your exhaust pipe, heavy metal particles, oil, and gasoline.
  • Go to a Self-Service Car Wash: Instead of going to your standard assembly-line-like car wash complete with automated machines or one of those lewd ones with all the girls in bikinis wiping out the dirt from your car, be more environment-conscious and do the cleaning yourself. You can keep tab on the water you use, the type of soap available (liquid soap is the best to ensure zero residue), and everything is rationed for conservation's sake.
  • Get an Eco-Friendly Car: Search the net or ask your car dealer about the best eco-friendly cars of 2017 to 2018. These leave off less sludge and particulate matter from the exhaust. In fact, many of them are hybrids that can run electrically rather than with gas, which is cleaner and leaves less carbon emissions than your average diesel engine.  Cleanup is safer with such cars because there are fewer dangerous chemicals to clean.

The Bottom Line of Green Car Cleaning

Finally, the smartest environmentalists out there will tend to buy only eco-friendly car care products like KevianClean. This is because our products lack VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds that typically make up that funny new car smell from a new car or new electronics.

They're also safe in the sense that they don't have harmful solvents in them that tends to wreck the environment as well. Most importantly, our products are more efficient than soap and water when it comes to getting rid of accumulated dirt, especially when you use them in tangent with lawn washings.

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