DIY Leather Luggage Tags

If you travel a lot, a luggage tag is an essential part of your travel gear. Why use a leather tag? A leather tag exudes sophistication and style. You can opt to buy a rubber or plastic luggage tag but don’t expect it to look classy, especially when you partner it with your elegant luggage.

There are tons of leather luggage tags sold in the market but if you want to put a unique spin to it, we suggest you make your own leather luggage tag. It’s a fun way to get creative. Plus, you can create personalized tags as gifts for your friends too. They will surely love it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a DIY leather luggage tag.

  1. Gather your tools. This includes leather, letter stamp set, cutting tools, hammer, leather punch set, and strings.
  1. Cut the leather. Use a ruler to trace the shape of the tag you want to produce. You can follow the standard shape of a luggage tag which is rectangular. Cut a sample pattern first and use it as your template. Use a rotary cutter to cut the leather. Then cut another extra set in case you make a mistake and might need a new one.
  1. Punch a hole. Use a leather puncher to create a hole in your leather. This is where you will tie the string. Avoid twisting the puncher because it can add damage to the leather.
  1. Wet the leather. Use a sponge to dampen the entire surface of the leather until it soaks the other side.
  1. Stamp it. Cut a small piece of leather and use it to test your leather stamp. You can play with the patterns until you are satisfied with your design.

Use a hammer to add pressure to your stamp. However, if a hammer is too heavy for your stamping tool, you can just add more pressure instead. Try using a ruler to keep your stamp straight and aligned.

You can check more sample designs online. The trick is to experiment and play with different ideas. Eventually, you’ll find a design that will satisfy you.

Once you’re done with your tags, use our KevianClean Leather Cleaner and Conditioner to keep your leather tags looking polished and chic. This will protect your tags from harsh elements and prevent the leather from cracking or drying up. Even your leather tags need proper care and maintenance to make it last for years.

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