Different Types of Car Covers

Car covers are very useful. It can help protect your car from various environmental elements, especially when you’re parked outdoors. Using a car cover can prevent your vehicle from being damaged by the UV rays of the sun, acid rain, animal claws, bird droppings, and scratches. At the same time, it can help conceal your car from thieves.

There are different types of car covers to suit your needs best. This includes a waterproof, water resistant, and a non-water resistant cover.

  1. Waterproof
This kind of cover is usually made from a plastic film or plastic coated fabric. A waterproof cover will certainly keep the rain from soaking your car. The plastic film is also a good choice if you often park your car inside your garage during the winter.

    Use the plastic cover as an outer shield and a flannel cloth underneath it. The flannel sheet will absorb the moisture inside. Otherwise, the trapped moisture will affect and eventually damage the paint of your car.

    Another way to protect your vehicle during the winter months is to strategically place mothballs around the exterior to prevent small animals such as rodents from eating your insulation.

    1. Water Resistant
    A water resistant cover is also referred to as a breathable cover. It is made from different types of materials, fabrics, and weight. This type of cover can shield your car from most of the water while allowing the air to circulate in your car. This prevents condensation and trapping of moisture.

      Most water resistant covers have ultraviolet screens embedded in the mesh material. This helps guard your car against the harmful effects of the sun and at the same time are mildew resistant.

      1. Non-water resistant
      This type of cover is often made from a hundred percent cotton while other materials are available in flannel or cloth. A non-water resistant cover is specifically made for indoor use. Since it does not repel water, we do not recommend using this for outside use.

        This type of fabric feels gentle and soft against the paint of your car. We suggest you use the 100% cotton fabric versus the polyester material because it can scratch the paint.

        It is quite simple and easy to clean and maintain your car cover. Most types can be washed in the machine with a mild detergent only. Just make sure you hang it immediately to dry. To maintain a clean and polished exterior, use our KevianClean Quick Wax.

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