Common Mistakes As You Clean Your Car

There are car owners who pride themselves of being very hands on with their vehicles in fact some of them would probably attest to doing the best hand car washing techniques just like the pros, unfortunately there are some who are not well aware of a few of their mistakes.

When it comes to car cleaning on your own, what may seem correct to you does not necessarily turn up to be a good thing for your car which is why it is very important to take note and avoid any of these usual mistakes when cleaning your car.

Settling For Non-Car Products

You start cleaning your car and find that you ran out of car shampoo and then choose to settle for whatever liquid soap solution that you have at home, chances are when this happens all the time you should not be surprised if your car paint ends up with weird residue and the paint color gets affected.

Using Just One Bucket

The old school way of cleaning a car that has been passed on from generation to generation may not be sitting well for the surface of your car because the accumulated dirt in that one bucket of soap can turn up on your sponge and create scratches on your car paint.

Leaving the Car to Dry

As you get to remove all of the soap and get to rinse out everything with water, it would not be odd if you admit to leaving the car out in the open to dry because that is what everyone is so used to doing without even realizing that when this is done residue from the water will accumulate on the car surface and it is pretty much back to square one for you.

Working From Bottom to Top

You are sure to see it with at least once in your life, car owners starting out the cleaning process from the bottom of their cars and working their way to the top, as a practical measure it would be better to move from the top down to the bottom so that all of the dirt and grime is rid of all at once instead of passed from the bottom to the top.

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