Common Car Cleaning Mistakes Car Owners Should Avoid

Make no mistake about it, car cleaning is indeed a chore that many car owners do not necessarily like to do, but really have to do. Often there are some who seek to just get things done without having to put in too much work but are not aware that they are doing more harm than good for their vehicle.

It does take a considerable amount of time and effort to clean your car and it is best to have optimal knowledge to do so and help make the task easier. So learn to brush off these common car cleaning mishaps to be certain that your efforts are put great use.

No Initial Wash

Remembering that your car has accumulated quite an amount of dirt and grime, should lead you to think that you need to break these loose to make the task of lathering on some shampoo or soap to the surface easier. Unfortunately, there are some who skip on this initial water wash and what happens in the end is higher risk of the car paint to get a few scratches on the surface, so be sure to avoid this to prevent any damage on your car paint.

No Extra Tools

Realize how frustrating it is to clean your car and be half way through the task and see that you ran out of products, the same goes when you only have one brush, towel or shampoo applicator. This does not only make your task stretch out longer, because you have to constantly clean out your tools, but this will also increase the concern of dirt transferring from one part of the car to the next, instead of clearing up totally at one go.

No Dry Out

Of course, another consideration that many car owners do not see too much of a fuss is the final stage of car cleaning, which is to finally dry the vehicle. Some will find drying their vehicle a bit odd and most would even presume that air drying is enough, but in truth, this kind of technique leaves water marks on your car paint and will definitely not provide your car that totally clean look that you want.

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