Choosing a Cleaner for Car Leather Upholstery

If you have leather upholstery in your car, you'll need to keep it in good condition in order to make it last. A good acumen when it comes to leather upholstery maintenance should ensure that your leather's lifespan is extended.

You should avoid damaging your leather by cleaning and conditioning it every week or every month with products like KevianClean Leather Cleaner or Interior Defense.

Dirt is the number one cancer against ensuring the longevity of your leather. Prevent dirt and prevent the quick breakdown of your leather seats and car upholstery.

The Importance of Leather Upkeep Awareness

  • Misleading Marketing: Sure, leather is often marketed as so tough it's practically Kevlar, but the truth is that leather upholstery suffers so much abuse that if they're not maintained properly they can quickly become as trashy and useless as rags. They're supposed to last a lifetime but only if you're willing to maintain them for a lifetime. It's misleading to think that leather can maintain itself. Anything that's abused will break sooner or later.
  • A Micro-Porous Finish: Unlike ordinary surfaces, leather covering finish is known to be micro-porous. This is only natural, since leather was derived from the skin and hide of animals like cows or lizards. Unless it's pleather or plastic leather that's merely plastic made to look like leather. This means the leather's finish isn't completely sealed compared to other surfaces because it has micro pores or pin-hole-like membranes that give your leather the ability to breathe.
  • Temperature Friendliness and Why Leather Needs Cleaning: These micro pores allow leather to have the ability to keep you cool in hot weather or warm in cold weather.  When these pores are blocked and the leather's emollient oils are lost, then that's when it loses its pliability, making it easier to rip and break. You can counter this by doing the same thing you'd do to your face, which is clean it thoroughly so that the pores aren't blocked. The more you can maintain the cleanliness of your leather, the easier it is for its micro pores to "breathe" and for its emollient oils to stay put.
  • The Different Cleaners to Choose From: You can get leather cleaners in the form of spray bottles that allow you quick coverage in a few sprays. Meanwhile, there are leather cleaners that you can pour from a bottle to a cloth so that you can focus your cleaning on problem areas. There are also brands that offer a conditioner you can wipe across the leather surface a la shoe polish. Actually, shoe polish is essentially a leather conditioner for your leather shoes anyway.


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