Cheaper Car Insurance: What NOT to Do

How do you get away with paying lower car insurance coverage? You don’t. These companies work like that of the mafia. They seem to have eyes and ears everywhere. So if you are thinking about using a fake home address hoping to get lower car insurance policy rates per month, you are not going to succeed.

Honesty is the Best Policy

While it isn’t true that car insurance representatives point a gun to your head to make you pay their regular rates, you’d surely regret lying to them about your home address. If you are thinking that no one will find out about the lie you made, you better think again.

How do car insurance companies look at you when they find out that you lied about your home address? Here are some of the things that you might find yourself trapped into.
Lying to an insurance company is a little bit lower to fraud, but it is considered fraud nonetheless.

Consequences of Your Actions

If you can’t get away with it, not only are you creating a problem with the insurance company about the rates, but they might just decide to file a case against you. This is indeed another problem that you don’t want to deal with, so it is best not to lie to your car insurance company about your home address.

When the insurance company does find out about the lie that you made concerning your home address just to get lower insurance premiums, they might cancel your policy altogether. You might find yourself in real trouble should you meet an accident.

Sadly, they won’t be liable to pay you back the money that you have already paid them. It will be considered a great loss on your part. Perhaps it could be viewed as one of the many ways an insurance company can get back to you for what you did.

Is it worth all the trouble lying to your insurance company just to get lower rates? Although it may reduce your policy fee a bit, lying may not exactly merit you as the most trustworthy client in the world.

Even if no one finds out and you get away with it for even a year, it may not exactly may you feel good from the inside knowing you have tricked others to provide you with utmost safety and nothing less.

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