Car Interior Cleaning: Start at the Bottom and Work Your Way Up

When cleaning the interior of your car, don't think that putting KevianClean Interior Defense on your dashboard and leather-upholstered seats then drying them out is all you need to do.

There's more to it than that. Instead, you should start from below, on the car floor, because that's probably the filthiest part of your vehicle. Remove the floor mats on your car floor then vigorously shake them to loosen the dirt on their surface.

There are mats that have deep indentations on them, which trap melting snow and water on them from your boots. This leads to caked dirt between their grooves. You should probably hose them down for good measure.

Car Interior Cleanup Tricks and Tips

  • Use a Stiff Brush to Get Rid of Dirt: Before hosing your mat down because a good shake isn't enough to get the dirt loose, you should try loosening the grime with a stiff brush first. Clean between the mat's grooves through a vacuum cleaner's bare hose nozzle as well. It's better to clean your mat dry first before resorting to a hose down since it takes forever for these mats to dry out properly. It also saves you water to hose down mats once they're dirt-free.
  • Air Dry Not Sun Dry and The Right Detergent: After getting the mats wet and dirt-free, you should dry them through the air not through the sun. Depending on what your mats are made of (vinyl or rubber), they could get warped or outright melt at the direct exposure of the sun. It's safer to air-dry them to keep the material from getting damaged. When washing the mats with detergent, make sure it's a product that won't leave the mats slippery and unsafe as you drive.
  • Cleaning Carpets Should Take Loads of Attention: Your car carpet should be vacuumed completely. Use various nozzles of various sizes and shapes as well as the brush attachment in order to clean out every last crevice and area around the seats. Otherwise, you can opt to clean the carpets by removing them or removing the seats themselves so that you can have better access to the nooks and crannies of your vehicle.
  • Interior Cleaning with a Steam Cleaning Machine: If you can afford it, the best way to wash your carpet is through a handheld steam cleaning machine. Nevertheless, there is quite a number of carpet cleaning products available that you can use otherwise if you lack this machine. You can use foamy cleaning products to keep your carpets clean and smelling fresh, with the caveat that you have to remove them from the car to clean them properly.

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