Busting Myths about Leather Care

When it comes to cleaning and taking care of leather items and upholstery, here's what you need to know. You can blot stains with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Use a cotton swab in order to lift the stain off the leather surface.

Afterwards, clean the remaining residue with a mild solution of warm water and liquid dish soap. Wipe it dry with a clean, damp cloth. You can also remove grease and oil stains with baking soda cleaner. Just sprinkle the substance on the soiled area, rub it in with a cloth that's damp, and then let it sit overnight for a few hours.

The idea here is to make the soda absorb the oil. Wipe off the powder with a soft cloth to avoid scratching then wipe with a damp cloth. Dry it off with a towel.

Myths and Facts

  • What Are the Three Easy Steps to Prolonging the Life of Your Leather? It's simple. Just dust, clean, and moisturize your leather. Vacuum or dry dust a surface in the same amount of times as you would your wood furniture. Test every cleaner you use, even KevianClean Leather Cleaner, by applying a drop on an out-of-sight area and waiting for one minute. If it leaves a dark mark, don't use. Afterwards, don't forget to condition your leather to keep it protected.
  • Should You Put in Leather Conditioner or Not? Yes, but only when the leather has been cleaned. Otherwise, clean your upholstery or item with leather cleaner like KevianClean Leather Cleaner or some DIY concoction that's safe for your leather. The conditioner should contain sunscreen to keep the leather from fading and cracking due to exposure to the sun. The condition should also make the surface shiny and resistant to stains in the future.
  • Should You Clean with Hairspray? Condition with Coconut Oil? Moisturize with Vaseline?  What you should do is practice common sense and test out concoctions with spot tests to see if they're safe for your leather item or upholstery. Wrong information about leather care is everywhere, from corporate websites or even so-called home care gurus. Learn more about leather care from the leather care professionals.
  • Is It True That Some Leathers Can Be Cleaned and Others Cannot? Yes. Some leathers, at best, can only be dusted at best before you hand them off to a leather care expert cleaner. Others, you can clean yourself. You can tell when you do a spot test or check. An unprotected or absorbent surface soaks right into the surface and leaves a dark mark after a minute. A protected surface has the droplet stay beaded up, so it means it can be cleaned. This means the leather itself has a protected finish.

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