Automated Voice Recognition Systems in your Car that you Should Maximize

Today’s modern cars are equipped with voice command software that allows the car computer to talk back to its driver. Doesn’t this remind you of the old TV show, The Knight Rider? However, don’t expect your car to converse with you just like a person. After all, your car’s conversation skills are still limited to voice commands.

There are voice command prompts and responses that are used to control some of your car’s features and functions. This includes your GPS device, infotainment system, and smart phone. Some car manufacturers have a full communication system with a voice recognition software that helps control the commands.

Before installing any device, make sure you clean your interior with our KevianClean Interior Defense. Here are some things you can do with voice recognition in your car.

  1. Make calls. Using the hands-free Bluetooth integrated system in your car, you can answer and make calls on your phone without taking your hands off the wheel. You can just command “Call Joe Mannings” without having to place your finger on your smart phone. In case you have multiple listings of your pal Joe on your phone, your car will promptly ask you if he should call Joe at work or at home.
  1. Adjust the settings. If you feel that it’s getting a bit cold inside your vehicle, you can ask your car to adjust the temperature directly. In some cars, the command words used are “temp up.” Aside from adjusting the temperature, your car can also do other tricks with the voice recognition system.
  1. Navigate your route. Using your car’s GPS device, it can instruct you with directions on where to go from one point to another. Just tell your device where you want to go and it will figure out and calculate the best routes to take. Your GPS navigation system can even steer you away from traffic congested streets.
  1. Pick your music. If you have a Bluetooth or an iPod dock, you can select your music by stating which album or artist you want to play. This helps sorts out your music collection better rather than fumbling incessantly with the long list in your music player.
  1. Send out messages. Some of the newer and hi-tech cars are built with a prototype that allows you to dictate and send emails without you having to type a single letter on your phone. Technically, your Bluetooth device allows you to read your emails aloud. However, the app for this function is still in the works.

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