A Beginner’s Guide To Car Detailing

Preparing all the things you need for the car wash is like preparing yourself for the car wash itself. The only problem is that most beginners in car cleaning know very little about the right car cleaning products to use. There are hundreds of car cleaning products to choose from and most of them claim to be the best. But how do you know that you really are buying the best?

It may be a challenge to tell the good cleaning products from the bad ones, but one thing is true for all. You need to trust the brand that created the product. If they are known in the industry for producing car cleaning materials and have spent years of expertise developing each one.

We at KevianClean only provide the safest and most effective products that keep your car clean. When you have the right products with you, even basic knowledge about car cleaning is enough to get your car all cleaned up with that beautiful shine.

Car Accessories and Car Wash Products

Your choice of car wash materials makes a huge difference in the kind of car cleaning that you can do. The pros know it better. They have become pros because they know how to choose the products that could work for them and the products that could not help at all.

Although family and friends may tell you that the use of the simple dish washing soap to clean up your car is enough, you know better. Stick to the KevianClean pH balanced car shampoo. The product will ensure that you don’t over clean your car to a point that your cleaning will make it lose its luster.

Is it possible to over clean your car?

Yes, it is possible. When you use cleaning products that may be too powerful for the job you intend to use them for, then you are ruining your car more than you are cleaning it. The car interior and the car exterior are both very sensitive; thus, you have to carefully choose the cleaning materials you use. They cannot be too powerful for comfort. They may do the job of cleaning, but they leave the area all damaged in the process too.

For example, dish washers are formulated to take the grease off the plates and strip it off the grime. So if you decide to use it on the surface of your car, the dish soap takes of the wax that protects the car exterior. It takes the polish right off. Make sure to use only the right cleaning products from KevianClean and get your car clean and protected at the same time.

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