Should You Change Your Car Paint?

Your car paint is the most important physical asset it has on the exterior. The color of your car has a lot of impact on its value. In fact, surveys over the years have shown how car color affects sales and reselling value. Some of the most valuable cars come in colors like white, black, and silver, all of which match any demographic of any location.

As a car owner, it's normal to want to personalize your car. It's certainly not a bad idea if you want to upgrade your car from common black to a more eye-catching gold or navy blue hue. But before you take a trip to the paint shop, here are some things to ask yourself and decide whether you really want to change your car paint.

1. Why do you want to change your car paint?

What's the purpose of changing your car paint? Do you just want to give it a more shocking color? Or has the paint gotten extremely worn over the years? No matter what your reason is, as long as it's worth all the trouble and beneficial for both you and your car, then you can go ahead and have it repainted.

2. Are you planning on selling you car anytime soon?

If you have a neutral-colored car and you change it to a less common color like yellow or pink, it may become harder to sell at a good value. However, if you have it the other way around, changing your car color to white or black and increase your car's value and make it easier to sell, especially with a smooth and scratch-free exterior.

3. How much is your budget?

A full car repainting job including scrape-to-metal work is quite expensive. You have to be financially prepared to be able to afford it. However, even a minor repaint job can cost a few hundred dollars. The best way to prepare for your paint job is by asking different shops for quotes and assessing which one has the best value for its service.

4. Can you keep your car paint well-maintained?

Finally, don't forget to ask yourself, "Can I maintain my newly painted car?" What you'll need is KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to keep the new paint clean and free from grime, as well as KevianClean Quick Wax to protect it from getting easily worn and weathered down.

So, are you still thinking about getting a car repainting job done?

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