The Importance of Car Lights in Winter

During winter, it's very important to pay close attention to your car's overall condition and performance. Nobody wants to get towed in the middle of snow. When doing routine winter maintenance, one thing you should check is your car light. Your headlights, taillights, and even the light inside your car play a major role in road safety and awareness.

Here are some reasons why car lights are very important, whether it's winter or any other season.

1. Your headlights provide maximum visibility. This is particularly crucial during snowy weather. With proper lighting, you can better see the road ahead as well as the other cars in front of you. This is also important for illuminating reflective road signs and seeing pedestrians who are crossing the road.

2. Your taillights indicate that you're braking. Without functional taillights, you can get in serious trouble especially when it's snowing and the road is slippery. The motorists behind you need to know when you're hitting the brake so that they, too, can brake before they get too close to you. However, if your taillights aren't working, they won't know that you're braking and they might end up hitting the brake too late, causing them to collide with your rear end.

3. Your interior light indicates when a door is not closed properly. The "door" light is extremely helpful especially if you have young passengers in the vehicle. Knowing that a door is open, you will be able to close it before anyone gets hurt from accidental opening. It may also indicate that something is preventing your door from closing properly. In this case, it may be the thick snow.

How do you take proper care of your lights to ensure that they're working optimally?

  • Check your lights every once in a while. While parked, start your engine and hit the brake. Ask someone to look at your lights and see if all of them are working. If you find any light malfunctioning, replace it immediately.
  • Make it a point to replace your lights every 3-5 years. Like any other part of the car, lights can get worn and overused. Don't wait for them to die. Instead, be proactive and replace them regularly.
  • Have an expert car electrician check your lights if they seem to be malfunctioning. If your lights are turning on and off for no reason, it must be grounded or the bulb may need replacement.

Have you had your lights checked yet?

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