5 Things to Check Inside Your Car

You may spend a lot of time paying attention to your car's exterior, especially the paint, lights, and windshield. But how about the inside of your car? Do you take some time to look inside and think about what needs to be repaired or replaced? Sometimes we forget our car's interiors, especially if we are the only ones using it. After all, if you're the only one who sees what's inside your car, then it doesn't matter how it looks like, right?

However, it's still important to maintain your car interior because it can affect your driving performance. You will have a smoother and more comfortable driving experience if your car interior is well-kept, presentable, and fully functional. Here are some vital car interior elements that you should check regularly:

  1. Carpet. Do you smell something funky when you step inside your car? It's probably the carpet! If your carpet has been on your car floor for ages, perhaps you should consider washing it or replacing it with a new one.
  2. Seats covers. Another possible source of funky odor, your car seat covers need to be cleaned regularly especially if your always have passengers or you eat inside the car. Use KevianClean Leather Car Seat Conditioner for the best results!
  3. Dashboard. Your dashboard and interior trims are all made of plastic and vinyl. Although low maintenance, they need some polishing from time to time. Try KevianClean Interior Defense to clean those areas.
  4. Dashboard lights. Your signal and gauge lights should all be working properly. If not, it's best to ask a mechanic to check them because there might be something wrong with your car's electrical system.
  5. Rear view mirror. Your rear view mirror is a very important tool for keeping your driving vision optimized. Make sure the angle is aligned with your line of sight and the mirror is clean, not foggy.

Finally, you should always keep your car interior clean and tidy. Keep a small trash bin and use some air fresheners if you like their smell. You can also use natural essential oils for a more herbal approach. If your car interior is in good shape, you will feel happier and less stressed when driving!

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