5-Step Car Cleaning for Beginners

Cleaning your own car can be a tremendous feat especially when you are unaware of what to do and where to begin exactly.

A good amount of car maintenance of the exteriors rely on the opportunity to be able to clean your vehicle which is why it is very essential to learn some of the basics when it comes to cleaning.

If you have never been able to clean your car through your own efforts, taking these practical and very simple steps will help you to have a better grasp of the process of cleaning your car.

1. Wash It Down

You do not necessarily need a high pressurized hose to be able to wash down the initial dirt and grime from your vehicle, you can easily do this through splashing on water from a pail or from a regular garden hose, what is important is you get to remove most of the on-surface dirt.

2. Soap It Up

Head on down to a local car shop to look for a reasonably priced car shampoo or liquid soap that can be used directly onto your car exteriors, be wary of using regular soaps for dishes and other household cleaning because these may have harsh ingredients that can affect your car paint.

3. Rinse It Thoroughly

It is very important that you are able to look into removing all of the soap and shampoo throughout the entire car because any amount of residue that will remain on the surface of your vehicle can remain as a stain and will affect your car color and surface in the long run.

4. Dry It Out

Not so many car owners have the patience to dry out their vehicle and think that air drying it is enough, but little do they know the blotches of water left to dry can cause eventual damage on the car paint when regularly experienced.

5. Wax and Shine

To ultimately ensure that the surface of your car is well maintained after washing it is a wise consideration to also invest on car wax as these products not only keep your car exteriors shiny it also helps to improve the condition of the paint and the entire surface of the car.

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