4 Essential Car Care and Maintenance Tips

When cleaning up, maintaining, and repairing your car, you should remember to not wash under direct sunlight. Using your KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo under direct sunlight is a big no-no. This is a common mistake that even some so-called professional car maintenance shops are guilty of.

Hideous watermarks are likelier to happen on your glass, plastic, and paint when you attempt to wash your car under the heat of the sun regardless of how good your carwash shampoo is, particularly if you're using tap water off of your garden hose and it's heavily mineralized to boot.


Vehicular Washing and Maintenance 101

  • Washing in Shaded Areas and Visiting Car Forums: You should always wash your car in ventilated yet shaded areas so that the streaks are less likely to happen. You should also wash your vehicle after it has cooled off instead of immediately after you've parked it. Meanwhile, in order to know more about fixing the different aspects of your car, you should take advantage of the Internet and interact with car owners on net forums. The helpful "gearheads" will tell you everything you need.
  • Hunting for Spare Parts and Car Accessories Online: If you're looking for dashboard covers or seat hinges, you should ask Internet gearheads that you've made friends with online for advice. They're the ones that will inform you seat hinges for 1962 to 1974 Novas or 1962 to 1965 Chevelles. Otherwise, you can ask your local mechanic or vehicle-enthusiast neighbors for assistance in getting the right fitment of dashboard cover for your specific make and model of vehicle. You might want to include the year of manufacturing there too since dashboard designs can wildly vary from year to year.
  • Using Harsh Soaps for Cleaning Is a No-No: Don't use harsh soaps like dishwashing liquids, laundry detergent, and bleach on your car. They're quite harsh on the rubber moldings, plastics, and paint finish of your car. Save your Tide or Mr. Clean for your soiled clothes. As far as automotive shampoo is concerned, use the environment-friendly KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo or something similar because it's designed to protect your car's finish and the other materials that compose your vehicle.
  • Aftermarket versus OEM: Original equipment manufacturer parts for wheels, consoles, fuel gauges, headlights, fog lights, or anything else that's broken within your car that you can't fix with a quick cleanup or adjustment tend to be expensive. However, in terms of fitment and compatibility, they're simply unbeatable. With that said, if you know where to find your aftermarket equipment, you can get OE-standard offerings that cater to specific make and models of vintage or modern cars, like acquiring door panel replacements for a 1971-1981 Camaro and Nova or a 1997-2017 Honda City.

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