How to Drive Safely with Your Baby

You’ve got your car and you’ve got your baby with you. It sounds simple but actually it is more than that. Driving with your infant might be one of the most complex driving you’ll ever have to take as a parent. As responsible parent drivers, you have to always put into mind that your baby is as delicate as a glass. Thus, your infant’s safety must be your top priority on the road.

In this article, we shall be considering safe driving tips for babies up to two years. When you are thinking of having your little ones get on board, you have to be familiar with these safe driving tips.

1. Install your car seats tightly and correctly. If do not know how to install car seats properly, immediately check your manual. If not correctly installed, your baby might get his head bumped after pressing your brakes hard. Whether you are using the LATCH system or a seatbelt, you have to check car seat instructions. Make sure that the car seat or base should not move or shift for more than one inch in any direction.

2. Practice rear-facing up to two years. As parent drivers, you must also know the basics to infant car seat safety. Rear-facing is the safest position for infants and toddlers to ride in because of their fragile necks and spines. You may also buy a portable infant car seat which can be clicked into a stroller base or carried out when the baby falls asleep in the road.

3. Avoid bulky clothing when driving with your baby. This means that you should not cloth your baby with puffy jackets or suits. Bulky clothes might give you the tendency to buckle up the baby too tight and the baby might not move or breathe comfortably. The safest way to keep your baby warm in the backseat is to dress them up tin thin clothing and give them blankets.

4. Take the accessories off. Most car seat accessories are not crash-tested with the infant seat. Because of this, they may become flying projectiles when you press on the brake too hard. Make sure that your is baby-friendly by letting go (for the mean time) items such as books, shoes, groceries and other stuff that may be harmful for the baby.

5. Wash your car regularly. A clean car is the most basic safety tip for driving with babies. You need to have regular vacuums to remove dirt and keep bacteria and viruses from attacking your baby’s delicate immune system. Make sure that your car seat covers are not chipping off since your baby might chew on them.

With your baby on the line, you must not take any of these for granted. Driving safely with your baby is not just a requirement in becoming a responsible parent but a general requirement for being a responsible driver.

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