Luxury Cars: What Makes Them So Special?

Whether we like it or not, at some point in our lives, we have caught ourselves dreaming of wanting to won a luxury car someday. There is something about luxury cars that make them demand for attention even when they really don’t every time say a Porsche or Ferrari suddenly wounds up in a summer traffic jam.

As they say, all cars are not created equal. While non-luxury cars shout convenience, luxury cars shout for what we’ve always wanted but never will: Fame, Fortune, and Power. On the hindsight, a question still lingers; at the end of the day, luxury cars are just cars too, so what makes them special?

  • Luxury cars have luxurious interiors.

We are not just talking about power-adjusted leather seats, fine carpeting and customized trims here. Interiors of luxury cars  like the Audi A3, MB CLA 250 Coupe, 2015 BMW M6, Porsche 991 and Ferrari 458 Italia have very posh interiors that sets them apart from ordinary cars.

These car models and brands have a climate control system which makes the passengers adjust their climate as they desire it. Their interiors also feature an ambiance adjuster in which passengers can choose from spring or winter ambiance to disco-like or fancy theater or restaurant feels. Lastly, they also have a Quiet Tuning Technology which minimizes the sound of the external environment for quiet driving around town.

  • Luxury cars have sophisticated engineering.

Mercedes Benz C8, Porsche 990 and Audi A8 are masters of sophisticated car engineering. These latest models are equipped with rearview cameras with a touch-screen navigation system. They also feature a panoramic sunroof for a romantic cruise, heat-adjusting seats, rain-sensing wipers and 21-26 miles per gallon speed. To have these combinations in one car makes these luxury cars truly to die for.

  • Luxury cars are installed with a cutting edge technology.

Aside from the features previously mentioned, luxury cars are also vehicles of technology. Audi, Porsche, MB, BMW along with Buick and Cadillacs have been updating their car models’ technology features.

To date, the aforementioned brands have already infused a 4G LTE WiFi spot in their models to make sure that passengers get to post their latest drive-by online, watch live streams of their TV shows and be updated with current events while in for a good ride.

They also feature mobile syncing which allows the driver to still receive calls and messages and answer them via voice command. Through these technologies, both driver and passengers could still stay connected without exerting too much effort.

  • Luxury cars have state of the art safety features.

Aside from being pure class, luxury car brands are also way ahead when it comes to ensuring safety. All luxury cars feature safety specs but in a more upgraded way. They have a total of seven airbags; one for each passenger.

They also have a blind zone alert system which detects via radar if there is an approaching vehicle when crossing a blind side. Moreover, they also have traffic and collision alert when entering congested streets and gives a navigation map on alternate routes. Lastly, they also have a lane departure warning system which adjusts handle and car body to go back to the right lane.

Still thinking what makes luxury cars special? They’re all of these and more. If you’re not yet convinced, check them out for yourself now.

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