The Do's and Don'ts of Car Customization

Customizing your car is a good manifestation that you are looking out for your car’s needs and making it perfectly suitable for your taste. A customized car is an eye-candy in traffic jams and of course a source of convenience and sigh of relief for the owner as well.

Customizing your car of course is a healthy habit if it gives you satisfaction without making your car look weird. In some cases however, too much customizing compromises your car parts as well and might be a source of liability in the end.

All car owners who are into car customizing must be aware of some basic dos and don’ts in this field. Being knowledgeable with these will give owners the leverage to re-evaluate their car needs and to be wise in choosing details and specifications they might want to install in their cars.

The Dos:

  • Window Tinting. Tinting your car windows is generally inexpensive and it can serve you more than just classy looks. Having tinted windows will basically reduce sun glare which will upgrade driver’s visibility. Tinted windows also help in making the car’s interior cooler in temperature as the air from the A/C becomes more contained and concentrated. Tinted windows also reduce the damage of the interior parts because it inhibits the penetration of UV rays plus, it will conceal your valuable belongings inside!
  • Headrest Video Monitors. This is best for long drives with friends and also for car owners traveling with small children. Installing headrest for video monitors will allow you to bring your iPad safely in the vehicle. So while you travel, your passengers could wade the time off by watching their favorite movies or by listening to their playlists. Or you could make the drive more interactive for children as you sing nursery rhymes together. Don’t worry because this one’s inexpensive and you can install them yourselves.
  • Car Refrigerator. Food is always intertwined with travel. To save time stopping over for food in convenience stores especially in long drives as well as to save space in the compartment for coolers, might as well install a car refrigerator. A 12-volt cooler can store up to 8 cans of soda. Portable coolers are now being sold online for less than $40 dollars and you need not spend on the installation because you can do it yourself. A car fridge will truly bring your travel diaries to the next level.

The Don’ts:

  • ECU Tuning. Tuning is dependent on car models, car age and health of engine. Just because it is encouraged would mean it fits; this is the principle that will put your car into a disadvantageous situation in ECU Tuning. ECU software must be installed by reputable shops only or else you shall be destroying your engine aside from paying expensively for the software alone. ECU will indeed add power to your steering, improve throttle response and upgrade torque curve but it shall gradually decrease the life of your engine and you shall be financially compromised because of the need of frequent mechanical upgrades.
  • Custom Upholstery.  Not only will you be spending up to two grand in custom interior design, you will also decrease the durability of your car upholstery. Besides making your car interior say some statement about your personality or current mood, it does not help in anything, not even in adding resale value to your car. It’s best to just stick to standard car upholstery if you don’t intend to keep your car forever.
  • Forced Induction. First of all, this modification is expensive. It will squeeze out up to $5,000 from your pockets. Plus, if this is not installed properly and professionally, it will blow your engine up! See the peril of having this installed when not needed? That will happen. If it’s the turbo sound you are aspiring for, just learn better maneuvering because it will cost you less.

There are a whole lot of do’s and don’ts available for car customizing. Just make sure that you go after safety and class than just mere money spending.

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