What's the Best Way to Clean Your Windshield and Windows?

Spring cleaning is not complete if you don't clean your windshield and windows! This time, let's talk about the best way to clean the glass components of your car. While you certainly don't have to do it every month, it's a good thing to clean your windows and windshield thoroughly every change of season.

There are different tools and cleaning materials that you can use, but here are our personal recommendations.

The Ever Trusted Squeegee

A squeegee is what gas stations use to clean your windshield and rear window. If you don't have a squeegee, no worries, but it's a very useful tool. It can really give your window a good polish because it removes moisture right after washing. However, a clean microfiber cloth will work fine, although it will not be able to fully dry the surface. There may be some wet marks left after washing, but you can remove it once we get to the buffing part.

Car Wash Shampoo Works Best

Start washing by applying KevianClean Car Wash Shampoo to your microfiber cloth or bucket of water. Scrub the windshield well, especially around the edges where the glass is attached to the molding. Be careful not to lift the molding, though, because it may cause leaks in your car.

The windows are easier to clean because they don't have a rubber molding, but you should only clean the exterior side. Washing the interior will wet the doors and may cause grounding in the electrical system of your car.

Buff with Newspaper

The final touch includes some buffing with a handy newspaper. This is both economical and environment-friendly. Instead of using chemical-based glass cleaners and other non-recyclable disposable cleaning items, you can get the same streak-free effect using old newspapers.

Just grab a couple of newspapers, fold or crumple them, moisten with water and scrub all around the glass. You will see that as they go around the glass, the moisture they leave behind immediately evaporates. This prevents the formation of wet marks that look like water stains.

Cleaning your windshield and windows is a simple yet often forgotten task. Don't miss out on the chance to clean them this spring! Make sure you've got KevianClean handy for all your car cleaning needs.

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