4 Areas of Your Car You Might Not be Cleaning Properly

We're on a spring cleaning theme this month, and we've already covered the basics as well as tire cleaning. Now it's time for an up-close and personal look inside your vehicle.

When it comes to car cleaning, most of us are focused on just washing the exterior with shampoo and water. We might not be paying enough attention to the interiors, especially the areas that we don't look at frequently. Drivers usually just clean the dashboard and car seats, but what about those hidden areas that might be harboring bacteria?

Here are some areas in your car that you may be forgetting to clean.

1. The flooring

Car floors are rarely cleaned properly. Most of us just sweep around and give it a light vacuuming. To get all of those dirt and dust particles out, you need to lift your carpet to expose the car floor completely. You may now sweep or vacuum it thoroughly. If you're not going to use the car for a day or two, you may remove the carpet and wash it before re-installing it. However, if you don't want to bother washing, you may just replace your carpet with a new one.

2. The seat crevices

 Crevices can easily accumulate dirt, and if you eat in your car, chances are there are pieces of food hiding inside those cracks. To get them out, you can use a barbecue stick and cover the tip with a cotton ball or tissue paper. Make sure it's secured and attached to the stick before swiping it inside the crevices. If the cotton ball is loose, it will get stuck in the crevice as well. You can apply leather conditioner on the cotton ball to hit two birds with one stone.

3. The doors

Doors are not high maintenance and they also shouldn't be exposed to a lot of moisture because the wires inside may get grounded. However, you need to wipe them well at least a few times a year. KevianClean Interior Defense will work great for giving your door trimmings a nice, new shine.

4. The trunk

What's inside your trunk? If you don't know the answer, then it's probably time to give it a good look. Maybe you've got stuff in there that's filthy or needs to be disposed of. The trunk also has a carpet which needs washing or replacing. You may want to get a new one every couple of years just to keep it fresh and mold-free.

Since you'll be spring cleaning, it's good to cover all of these areas when you clean your car. They don't need to be cleaned every week, or even every month, but it's important to give them a good clean every once in a while. This will maintain the cleanliness of your car and prevent microorganisms from spreading disease.

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