Spring Cleaning Time! 8 Vital Car Cleaning Tips

Winter is over and it's time for spring! If there's a good time to give your car a good cleaning, it's now. After the harsh cold weather, your car needs some warming up and in-depth cleaning to prepare for the warmer months.

Here are the most important steps to spring clean your car.

1. Check your tires.

Winter tires have a different pressure because of the temperature. Colder months need higher pressure to keep the tires optimally inflated. During summer, it's natural for gas to expand because of the heat and, as such, tires don't need as much pressure. Also, if your tires have become damaged or exposed to too much road salt, you may consider replacing them.

2. Give your car a good wash.

Winter prevented you from washing your car for around three months. Now that it's sunny and breezy, you can get your car washed well without suffering from frostbite. Make sure you use a good car wash shampoo and scrub it well with a microfiber towel.

3. Wax it well.

When it comes to waxing, you need to be more precise. You have to cover all the bases with your microfiber towel. Polishing your car requires time and energy, so make sure you give it some pressure for the wax to really stick to your car paint.

4. Vacuum the interiors, including under the carpet.

Vacuuming is something you do only a few times a year, probably every change of season. Get all those nooks and crannies cleaned out, especially underneath your carpet and floor mats. Also get your vacuum nozzle inside the crevices of your car seats.

5. Clean the leather seats thoroughly.

Conditioning your leather seat is a must to give it a long life and beautiful appearance. Use only a mild conditioner that's made exactly for leather, and also use a soft microfiber towel to spread it out evenly across the surface.

6. Don't forget the dashboard.

Your interiors also need a good scrubbing, and the best way to do this is by applying an interior cleaning agent with a microfiber cloth. The dashboard, console, sides of the doors, and other trimmed areas of the interior should all be polished.

7. Replace the wipers if necessary.

The heavy snowfall can cause damage to your wipers. Check them to see if they are still working. If there's an unusual squeaking sound when they move, wipe them clean and replace the water inside the windshield washer. If the damage is irreparable, better replace the wipers.

8. Pay a visit to your mechanic.

Finally, don't forget to ask your mechanic to check your car. If you didn't drive your car the whole winter, it's best to get it tuned up if you're planning on taking a long drive.

Before you begin your spring adventures, make sure your car is ready for the road. And make sure you rely on KevianClean for all your car cleaning needs!

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